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What is the report converter - Mole Hole?

With an excess of free time, I started to write this converter.
In fact, this idea has long been on my mind, but then I did not know NET technology.
Available converters were quite poor, informed only about the time for which the attack or support comes to town
but after all, this could be done by adding this time to the current time and receive a specific time reaching attack or support.
Of course a lot of other information also could be calculated and added to the report (spells uptime, etc.).
At first it looked cosmically complicated, but in the end managed to control the creation of such programs.
The result of these struggles is this reports converter, as well as this site dedicated to the game Grepolis.

Original reports from the game disappear after some time. Reports from the converter does not disappear ever.
This converter allows the publication of all reports available in the game as well as many other information.
It is further provided with a number of other additional options to facilitate the game.

How it works?

The game is written partly in the form of a script that is run on the player's computer.
This converter, also in the form of the script is added to the original game script
through which it is possible to change some visual aspects of the game.
To install this extension, we simply add the additional script to your web browser.

List Functionality:

Ability to generate reports

  • list of troops towards the city
  • use divine power
  • command attacks/support levels etc.
  • attack/defense/conquests etc.
  • spy
  • occupation of the city
  • state troops in the city
  • statistics served on the city wall
  • profile information player or alliance
  • information about the world
  • and many other

Additional features include modifying the game's interface

  • can publish information given in various places of game
  • increased clock time server
  • the ability to stretch the window to the upcoming attacks
  • display information about the world, the player, period rooms etc.
  • change the display tabs on the forum (if their number does not fit in one line)
  • increase the height of the window forum, so that occupied 80 % of the height of the monitor screen
  • mini-interface for quickly add emoticons in messages and forum
  • option of comparing statistics on the stone wall before and after the attack (the enemy betrays loss)
  • amplification attacks alarm
  • function memorable game settings to play them on another account/world
  • and many others, which in the future will be or have already been added ...


Created 2013 by Tropsy Kreets (